FAQs & Rental Policy


  • How far are you from Carbondale?


About 7 miles south (about 10 minutes).


  • How secluded are you?


The cabins are at the end of a dead end road, but are only 3 minutes from Highway 51. The back patio/porch where the hot tub is very private and is not in view of any other cabin year round. In the winter you can see the other cabins from each other through the trees if you look really hard, but in the summer you cannot see one cabin from another. Sound does travel, so we ask our guests to respect the privacy of our other guests.  The cabins are located close enough that if you want to rent 2 or 3 cabins for a larger gathering you are within easy walking distance with shortcut trails in the woods. Also, please view the satellite image on our location page.


  • What is the difference between the three cabins?

 Cabin 2 and Cabin 3 are based on the exact same floor plan and design as Cabin 1. The only difference is that Cabin 2 and Cabin 3 have a covered back porch and Cabin 1 has an open patio with the hot tub under the stars.


  • What items do you recommend I bring?


Beach towels for the Hot Tub, charcoal, matches or lighter, a flashlight since the light from the cabins is the only light on the property and first aid kit. Insect repellent is recommended during warmer months.


  • Will the fireplace be on during my stay?


We get very mild weather in October so the fireplaces usually do not get turned on until November and get turned off in April which also has very mild weather. The fireplace generates a lot of heat and we have found that if we turn them on when the weather is warm then guests open the windows and turn on the air conditioning in order to run the fireplace. Thank you for helping us conserve energy and keep costs low.

  • What items do you provide?

We provide paper towels, toilet paper, bed linens and towels, Folgers brand regular and decaf coffee, salt and pepper, cooking utensils, cookware, dishware, dish soap and hand soap. Please call us if we forgot something, but be aware that we are not always available to provide you with additional supplies immediately.


  • Will my cell phone work at the cabin?


There is a Verizon tower only a couple of miles away and so there is good signal. AT&T customers get good service at our cabins as well. We are not certain about other cell phone carriers. 


  • Do you provide wireless internet?


Unfortunately, no. No broadband providers have service available in our area. You can get internet from your cellular provider however.


  • Is there an outdoor fire pit?


Yes. Each cabin has a fire pit off of the back porch. You can purchase firewood at the Huck's gas station on Highway 51 and Pleasant Hill Road in Carbondale and seasonally at Arnolds Market on Highway 51 just past Pleasant Hill Road.

  • What is there to do around there?


Please take the time to view our area attractions page.


We are on the Shawnee Wine Trail and Shawnee National Forest. We are the closest private cabin rental to Giant City State park which offers great hiking trails among huge sandstone cliffs and boulders, horseback riding at Giant City Stables, dining at the historic Giant City Lodge Restaurant, rock climbing and picnicking. We are only about 5 minutes from Cedar Lake which offers fishing from the shore, boating, and swimming at Cedar Lake Beach. Southern Illinois University has many sporting & cultural events. These are just a few ideas - there is MUCH more to do. We have some brochures in the cabin about area attractions and an area guide that we put together.


  • Where is there to buy groceries and supplies?


 We recommend Arnolds Market in Carbondale. It is the closest grocery store to the cabin and carries local produce and a butcher shop. They offer very high quality meats and vegetables. If you are coming from Carbondale you will pass it on your left on Highway 51 just past the Citgo gas station (turn left at the first stoplight fast Pleasant Hill Road and follow the sign.)

There is also a Dollar General very nearby.

Dollar General 5555 Old US Hwy 51, Carbondale.

Just a little further away, in Carbondale, are Kroger, Walmart, Schnucks, and many other stores.


  • How do I make a reservation?


You can use our secure on line reservation system or call during office hours of 9 AM - 7 PM. We do need a credit card and a 50% deposit to reserve your stay. If we do not answer the office phone, you can try the cellular or leave a message. Please be aware that our manager is taking calls and working at cabins so if possible please use our online reservation system.


  • How to we check in and check out?

You will need to contact us a few days prior to the check in date to obtain your check in information. We will need to obtain a copy of your credit card that you secured the reservation on and your drivers license that shows the same name as the credit card. Check in is at 4 PM or anytime after. To avoid delay at check in, please do not wait until you arrive at the cabins to call for your check in information. We ask our guests to email a couple of days in advance (we do not always check emails on a daily basis, so please call if you do not get a response to your email within 24 hours to obtain your check in instructions) or phone us a few days prior to your stay. Check out is at 12 PM and check out instructions will be provided at check in.

  • Is the cabin hard to find?


Most people have not had any trouble finding the cabins. We recommend following the directions on our location page. If you are using a mapping system other than google maps you may find that they do not give you correct directions! We are not always able to be reached immediatley to provide directions (especially at night) so please make sure that you have printed off the directions on our location page prior to your travel.


  • Do you have a hot tub?


Yes, it outdoors at each cabin on the back porch. Cabin 1 is out under the stars and cabin 2 and cabin 3 have their hot tubs on a covered porch. They are all open year round.


  • What is the weather like there?

The winters here are mild. We seldomly get large snow storms and most of the winter we do not have any snow on the ground. The summers can be hot, but the cabins are mostly shaded by very large trees and have central air conditioning and ceiling fans.

  • Is there an extra cleaning fee?

No - unless the cabins cleaning policy is not met. We have a one-page simple list that you can find on our rental policy that states what we require. This simple list is also posted in the cabins.


  • I am coming to visit a family member or friend in the area. Is is okay if they come to visit me at the cabin?


We are fine with family members coming for a short visit to your cabin. But, we do not allow parties.  Please understand that the cabins have only 1 bathroom and are not designed for large groups or parties. If you need a larger lodging facility, we'll be happy to rent more than 1 cabin to you and there are larger cabins in the area that we can refer you to.  

Rental Policy

General Policy

By submitting reservation, you are in agreement with this policy.

Please be aware that the cabins are located in the woods. There are insects in the woods including mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders. There is also some poison ivy, so we do not recommend walking in the woods off of the paths. We mow the grounds of each cabin and keep it clear of insects as best we can.


Gift certificates are nonrefundable. All sales are final. 

Prior to the rental of the cabins we require that you agree to this rental policy and by submitting a reservation you are verifying that you have read and understand this policy:

  • By submitting reservation, you are verifying that you are 21 years or older.

  • You are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged content in the cabin and the cabin itself during your stay.

  • Oak Grove Cabins is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal contents of guests at the cabin.

  • Oak Grove Cabins is not responsible for any actions you or your guests take or do while staying at the cabin or its grounds.

  • Cancellations made 31 days or more prior to arrival date will be refunded deposit minus a 10% handling fee.

  • Cancellations made 31 days or less prior to arrival date will be charged full amount of stay.

  • Refunds will not be given due to weather.

  • Returned check fee is $30.00. 

  • Payment is due upon check in. The afternoon of your arrival date we will charge your credit card the amount of your remaining balance. If you prefer to pay in cash, call me and we will come to collect payment.

  • Reservations require a 50% deposit. Reservations for a one-night stay (only available between already booked dates or less than 7 days prior to arrival date) require entire payment to reserve your date.

  • Oak Grove Cabins reserves the right to cancel reservations made without completed payment.

  • Oak Grove Cabins reserves the right to vacate any guest if any portion of the rental policy is violated.

  • Guests are responsible for maintaining hot tub during stay, and Ada Campbell, LLC is not responsible for any injury due to miss use of hot tub or any other equipment located at the cabins. There will be a $50 charge for misuse of the hot tub during your stay (unusually dirty water, foreign objects in hot tub, very low water level, failure to replace hot tub cover to correct position). If you are unsure how to maintain the hot tub, just call me and we will take care of the hot tub during your stay at no extra charge.

  • If a hot tub breaks down prior to your check in date or while you are here and we are unable to fix it right away, you will not get a discount. The use of the hot tub is not guaranteed.

  • All reservations must be secured by credit card even when paying in advance by check.

  • Guests are responsible for all damage and damages will be assessed and charged.

  • Only the number of specified guests are allowed to sleep in the cabin. The cabin is not a party facility and no large gatherings are allowed.

  • Maximum of 4 persons per cabin. Our rates our based on a 2 adult occupancy and each additional guest is $10 per night (children are not free of charge and are considered additional guests).

  • Guests are not allowed to put up tents of any kind in the yard. There is a very limited amount mowed space at each cabin and we may need to mow during your stay.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the cabins and guests are responsible for removal of smoke odors at a fee of $100.00 for stay.

  • Oak Grove Cabins is not responsible for items left in the cabin. Claimed items must be retrieved within 48 hours of departure date or they will be disposed of. Items may be mailed upon request and guests are responsible for all shipping costs and handling fee of $10 minimum.

  • Guests will be charged a $25.00 fee for tampering with the electronics connections (television, satellite, DVD player or stereo). If connections are found to be disconnected, reconnected or broken, you will be charged. Please do not attempt to rewire our television. Please do not bring your own electronics such as gaming systems, Blue Ray players, amplifiers, and what ever else and then attempt to hook them into our television.

  • Please do not open windows while the fireplace, heat or air conditioning is on.

  • Do not drive on the grass. This can damage our septic system.

  • Do not attempt to light the gas fireplace with matches.

  • Do not rearrange or move our furniture.

  • Please do not leave the doors open. This allows excessive amounts of insects into the cabin.

Cleaning Policy
  • Empty out grounds from coffee maker and clean coffee pot

  • Wash all used dishes (leaving in drainer post wash is fine)

  • Dont worry about making beds (we change the sheets after each guest)

  • Remove all garbage from cabin and take trash out to outdoor can

  • Do not put loose trash (without a bag) in cans. Call us for excessive garbage we'll pick it up for you

  • Wipe down all counters and table (we provide cleaning supplies)

  • Cleans any spills on flooring, furniture, and walls

  • Replace cover on hot tub and do not put any soap or foreign objects in hot tub

  • Clean out any spills in refrigerator

  • Place all dirty towels in hamper or in tub

  • Clean any spills in microwave

  • Empty charcoal from grill after the fire has died. Please empty only into non mowed areas. Do not empty charcoal in the lawn or landscaping.

  • Check hot tub daily. Inadequate care of the hot tub will result in a $50 extra charge.

  • Failure to comply with any tasks on the cleaning policy will result in a $50.00 cleaning fee billed to your account upon check out.

Pet Policy

Cabins 1 & 2 are pet friendly. Cabin 3 is not.

In order to accommodate your pet you must follow our pet policy.

  • Guests must disclose that they will be bringing a pet prior to check in and will be charged an additional pet fee. See our rates page. Pets are only allowed with permission.

  • Pet waste must be disposed of. Please do not leave pet waste in the mowed areas or landscaping.

  • Pets must be house broken.

  • Please do not let your pets run free. Your pets must be leashed when on the cabin grounds.

  • Guests are responsible for all damage from pets and damages will be assessed and charged.

  • Guests are responsible for removal of pet hair from the cabin. We provide a vacuum cleaner, swiffer brand mop, and lint roller for use. If we have forgotten to provide these items please call us and we will provide more supplies. We recommend that guests bring extra flat sheets to put on the furniture if your pet will be using it as well.