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We are Pet Friendly 

Welcome to Oak Grove Cabins in Makanda Illinois

Oak Grove Cabin

Makanda, IL



Rental Policy

By submitting reservation you are in agreement with this policy.

Please be aware that the cabins are located in the woods. There are insects in the woods including mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders (we do have a bug zapper on the back porch). There is also some poison ivy, so we do not recommend walking in the woods off of the paths. You will not be bitten ticks if you are not walking in the woods! We mow the grounds of each cabin and keep it clear of insects as best we can.

Prior to the rental of the cabins we require that you agree to this rental policy and by submitting reservation you are verifying that you have read and understand this policy:

By submitting reservation you are verifying that you are 21 years or older.

You are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged content in the cabin and the cabin itself during your stay.

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC. is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal contents of guests at the cabin.

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC. is not responsible for any actions you or your guests take or do while staying at the cabin or its grounds.

Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to arrival date will be refunded deposit minus a $20.00 handling fee.

Cancellations made 14 days or less prior to arrival date will be charged full amount of stay.

Reservations made for 7 or more consecutive days require a 21 day cancellation notice.

Refunds will not be given due to weather.


Payment is due upon check in. The afternoon of your arrival date I will charge your credit card the amount of your remaining balance. If you prefer to pay in cash, call me and I will come to collect payment.

Reservations require a 50% deposit. Reservations for a one night stay (only available between already booked dates or less than 7 days prior to arrival date) require entire payment to reserve your date.

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC reserves the right to cancel reservations made without completed payment.

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC reserves the right to vacate any guest if any portion of the rental policy is violated.

Guests are responsible for maintaining hot tub during stay, and Oak Grove Cabin LLC is not responsible for any injury due to miss use of hot tub or any other equipment located at the cabins. There will be a $50 charge for misuse of the hot tub during your stay (unusually dirty water, foreign objects in hot tub, very low water level, failure to replace hot tub cover to correct position). If you are unsure how to maintain the hot tub, just call me and I will take care of the hot tub during your stay at no extra charge.

All reservations must be secured by credit card even when paying in advace by check.

Guests are responsible for all damage and damages will be assessed and charged.

Only the number of specified guests are allowed in the cabin. If it is found that you have more than the number of specified guests at any time in the cabin, you will be charged an extra $50 per hour gathering fee and additional guests will be asked to leave immediately. The cabin is not a party facility!

Maximum of 4 persons per cabin. No exceptions. Our rates our based on a 2 adult occupancy and each additional guest is $10 per night (children are not free of charge and are considered additional guests).

Guests are not allowed to put up tents of any kind in the yard. There is a very limited amount mowed space at each cabin and we may need to mow during your stay.

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins and guests are responsible for removal of smoke odors at a fee of $100.00 for stay.

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC is not resonsible for items left in the cabin. Claimed items must be retrieved within 48 hours of departure date or they will be disposed of. Items may be mailed upon request and guests are responsible for all shipping costs and handling fee of $10 minimum.

Guests will be charged a $25.00 fee for tampering with the electronics connections (television, satellite, DVD player or stereo). If connections are found to be disconnected, reconnected or broken, you will be charged. Please do not attempt to rewire our television. You are not permitted to bring your own electronics such as gaming systems, Blue Ray players, amplifiers, and what ever else and then attempt to hook them into our television!

Do not open windows while the fireplace, heat or air conditioning is on.

Do not drive on the grass.

No tents are allowed in the mowed areas.

Do not attempt to light the gas fireplace with matches.

Do not rearrange or move our furniture.

Do not leave doors open and allow excessive amounts of insects into the cabin.

Cleaning policy is posted in cabin and includes the following:

-empty out grounds from coffee maker and clean coffee pot

-wash all used dishes (leaving in drainer post wash is fine)

-dont worry about making beds (I clean the sheets after each guest)

-remove all garbage from cabin and take trash out to outdoor can

-do not put loose trash (without a bag) in cans. Call me for accessive garbage and I will pick it up for you

-wipe down all counters and table (we provide cleaning supplies)

-cleans any spills on flooring, furniture, and walls

-replace cover on hot tub and do not put any soap or foreign objects in hot tub

-clean out any spills in refrigerator

-place all dirty towels in hamper or in tub

-clean any spills in microwave

-empty charcoal from grill into non mowed areas. Do not empty charcoal in the lawn or landscaping.

-check hot tub daily. Inadequate care of the hot tub will result in a $50 extra charge.

Failure to comply with any tasks on the cleaning policy will result in a $25.00 cleaning fee per task not fulfilled billed to your account upon check out.

Pet Policy

No Pets in Cabin 3 or Walnut Grove Cabins (Redbud or Dogwood)

In order to accommodate your pet you must follow our pet policy.

Guests must disclose that they will be bringing a pet prior to check in and will be charged an additional pet fee. See our rates page. Pets are only allowed with permission.

Pets must be crated if left alone in or on the grounds of the cabin. If a pet if found uncrated while alone in the cabin or tied up in the yard Oak Grove Cabin, LLC reserves the right to vacate any guest and collect full payment for stay. Also, your pet will be taken to the animal shelter due to abandonment.

Pet waste must be disposed of. Leaving pet waste in the yard will result in a $25 extra removal fee.

You can not tie or chain your pets in the yard or let your pets run free. Your pets must be leashed when on the cabin grounds.

Guests are responsible for all damage from pets and damages will be assessed and charged.

Guests are responsible for removal of pet hair from the cabin. We provide a vacuum cleaner, swiffer brand mop, and lint roller for use. . If I have forgotten to provide these items please call me on my cell phone and I will provide more supplies. We recommend that guests bring extra flat sheets to put on the furniture if your pet will be using it as well

Pet Friendly Advise:

Use a topical or oral treatment for the prevention of fleas and ticks.

Although your pet may be prefectly behaved at home, please be aware that in strange environments that you pet may act differently.

By following this policy we can continue to allow pets on the premises. I love my animals and I expect that if you bring your pets that you will treat them with respect.

Thank you,

Dorothy Lada 618-534-3020

Oak Grove Cabin, LLC.